8 of march: women and men, key figures agriculture and nutrition

women agriculture nutrition key figures EXPO2015

To answer the main question of 2015 Universal Exposition: “Is it possible to ensure sufficient, good, healthy and sustainable food for all mankind?”, women are playing a huge role. They are one of the key to fight against hunger but also achieve a more equal and sustainable society. They are farmers, that often have more difficulties to acces to ressource, they are mother, still mostly in charge compare to men of the preparation of meals, they are more victim of diceases link with nutrition…

The World food program underlines that “giving women farmers more resources could bring the number of hungry people in the world down by 100 – 150 million people”.

A nice project to discover today in relation wih Expo 2015, is the project Women for Expo that ‘aims to further the debate on nutrition-related themes through dedicated projects and initiatives that seek to build a forward-looking and awareness-raising path, starting from the contributions of women around the world, each with her own experience, history and creativity’.

To go further into detail:

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