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We are three young women, one Italian and twoFrench. We launched this blog at the end of 2014 on a voluntary basis in the prospect of 2015 Universal exposition in Milan because:

- We believe in the capacity to improve society each in our own small way.

- We believed that food and agriculture are essential starting point to change model towards more sustainability. 

  • LuciaLucia, I’m a French woman who has been living in Rome for four years, foodie and good cook, in love with Italy and professionally specialized in implementing sustainable development policies.
    Professionally I worked  withing the French Embassy in Rome to implement a green embassy project. I have so much to learn on the Expo themes, and I hope that this blog will allow us to move forward in better understanding good nutrition and agriculture practices.


  • Pecol 2012 101Laura, Italian, is from Veneto, a region historically dedicated to agriculture. My family has handed down from generation to generation the love for genuine and healthy food.  I like travelling and tasting the different and typical food of the various countries I visit. I came to Rome to carry on my international studies in a very stimulating city rich in cultural opportunities.
    At the moment I’m working at FAO, a dynamic and international environment where I have the opportunity to broaden my knowledge on nutrition and agriculture. I am fully convinced that we can live in a more sustainable world starting from what we eat and produce. This is why I have accepted this challenge of creating a blog in order to share and learn good practices for a more ecological agriculture and nutrition and to discuss together the themes of Expo 2015.
  • Juliette participated to the blog up until 2015. Image Juliette
  • Juliette, I come from Marseille and grew up in a family who cares about good food and local specialties: a Christmas without the thirteen traditional desserts or an Epiphany without the king’s cake do not exist in my family!   I moved to Nantes, the city of crepes and cider, to pursue my studies in business. After nearly two years of working in Paris, I decided to move to the only country where I knew I would not be victim of culinary or cultural shock: Italy.
    Regarding my professional background, I mainly worked in the banking sector on sustainable development issues (microcredit, management of environmental and social risks in project finance).   Currently in Milan, the city of Expo 2015, and convinced by the motivation of Lucia and Laura, I decided to undertake this blog project on the Universal Exposition 2015. It is a great opportunity for me to work on a project which makes sense, to learn about sustainable nutrition and to meet committed people from different culture and various horizons.


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