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2015 Universal Exposition: a great opportunity to inform, raise awareness and mobilize on sustainable agriculture and food consumption issues

The 2015 Universal Exposition will take place in Milan, Italy with a main theme of « Feeding the planet: energy for life”. To date, 141 countries have confirmed their participation to the Expo, which will take place for six months from the 1st of May to the 31st of October. Sustainable food consumption, agriculture and productive systems will be the main focuses of this event, meant to bring together citizens, nations and international and civil society organizations. To better picture the nature and magnitude of the event, Italy foresees over 20 million visitors.

The 2015 Expo therefore constitutes a remarkable opportunity to inform, raise awareness, and mobilize widespread public participation and consciousness on sustainable food consumption and agriculture. This is particularly noteworthy because 2015 will be a key year for our planet:

  • It is the United Nations objective year for reaching the Millennium Development Goals – the first one being to “eradicate extreme poverty and hunger” and the seventh to “ensure environmental sustainability”;
  • It is the year that the United Nations Climate Change conference of the Parties will be held in Paris. 

The Feedtheplanet Blog: provides food for thought on the themes of sustainable agriculture and food consumption before and during the Expo

We are creating this trilingual blog – in the three official languages of the Universal Exposition: Italian, French and English – in order to contribute to information exchange, greater awareness and mobilization on sustainable food consumption and agriculture issues.

The blog will address these key themes by:

  • Focusing on existing good practices within participating countries to the Expo;
  • Interviewing stakeholders;
  • A follow-up of the Expo preparation and of the event itself focusing on sustainable development aspects, in particular in the host country, but also in participating countries.


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