Our philosophy

Talking as citizens

If there is one subject on which everybody has an opinion and an experience, it’s food!!

We are not claiming to be experts on sustainable food consumption and agriculture issues, but only writing as citizens, as volunteers that deeply wish to make a contribution to this theme.


In  our small way, we are curious: curious to meet committed people in these countries, curious of knowing the variety of agriculture and food cultural systems, curious to know what the main challenges are ahead of us in terms of food and agriculture. Through this blog, we intend to better understand these issues and to share the experiences that could allow us to build more sustainable food and agriculture systems.

Loving food and create links with local territories

In the Paris-Rome night train last October (travel time 15 hours… and a really friendly atmosphere), I shared my sleeping car with a Vietnamese and an Austrian girl, and two French people. Looking for ideas for the blog, I asked them which fruits and vegetables they associate with their countries and with places they had visited around the world. From this simple question a very intense and passionate conversation emerged, as if we knew each other for a long time, talking about our favorite recipes, current and changing food traditions … a lot of smiles and laughs. We could feel the love of food and how it brings people closer. Furthermore, this issue is strongly related to local territories, people and the environment. The way we eat is a part of us and of our memories. Our blog wants to be “foodie” and hope to participate in its small way to create connections between our territories, people within and our food, seizing the opportunity given by the 2015 Universal Exposition.


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