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How to eat in a more sustainable way?

The aim of this page is not to give a lesson, nor to provide perfect solutions but to think about some simple and foody actions!

To know more about the “loving food” aspect, you can also visit the links section of our blog. “Eating well”, means eating food good for the taste, for the mood, for our health, and for our social life. “Eating in a sustainable way” means trying to eat in a way that minimizes the negative social and environmental impacts and that can even have positive impacts, whilst reconciling health concerns, and social pleasure.

Depending on the place where we live (remembering that 53 % the world population live in the city in 2012 according the World bank),  the job we’re doing, the time we’re having, « eating well” and also “eating enough” can be quite difficult. In the countries so-called « developed », the intellectual link is often broken between what’s in our plates and the territory (or the animal) where our food comes from. So many people don’t relate anymore meat and animals, have no ideas about the tomatoes season or don’t know how to cook.

Hungry Planet What the world eatsIn his book « Hungry Planet: What the World Eats », the American photographer Peter Menzel photographed the one week foodstuffs of thirty families living in 24 different countries. Those pictures show the variety of different diets and food cultures in the world: between families that clearly don’t have enough to live, families that eat mainly vegetables and fruits, and other where it’s mainly industrial products.

To look the subject in more depth:

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