Supporting the local economy

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According to a study by an American group of consultants for the estate agents (CBRE), about 32 million m² of new shopping centers have been built in the world since April 2013, an increase of 15% per year. Such growth is particularly significant in China where there is at least, one new shopping center for every two. So it is in Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Mexico City, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

It’s not just about big surfaces, once reserved to agriculture, rather it is the domino effect of this recent trend in the model of development of big areas and massive disparities in spatial distributions to the detriment of local traders. The consequence is obvious as the opportunities of the local markets shrunk against the gargantuan demands for posh shopping centers.

Moreover, the small local shops have many advantages, if we consider the variety of products, the knowledge of the territory, the pleasure of the meeting and sometimes even the price incentive (though not in all cases) has enormous benefits. Some large retail stores have well understood this, and have created their own brand of local shops. For example, in France there are Carrefour Market, Carrefour City, Carrefour Contact, Monop’ , U Express.


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