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Renewing the links with our territories!

Fruits and vegetables shop - SicilyDo you know what are the main crops and farms located close to where you live? In your region, are there some cows (so some good cheese- yum!) or chickens, goats, vegetables garden, orchard for the fruits, good mushrooms in the forest?

If those kind of information were common knowledge for everyone thirty years ago, today in some regions, the knowledge of the richness of one territory is far more attenuated – but this doesn’t mean that local productions and initiatives disappeared, you just need to look for it (go to our links page to know more).

Eating local, that means:

  • Less transportation and therefore less emission of greenhouse gases and pollution

In France for instance, according to the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, a yogurt pot travels on average 9 000 km, keeping in mind that the transportation sectors is the 2nd emitter of greenhouse gases just after the energy sector, with 13 % of emissions in 2004 according to the Intergovernemental panel on Climate Change.

  • Tastier food

Just think to the taste of a fresh seasonal tomatoes directly picked in the garden compared to the one bough during winter in a supermarket. No comparison is possible. Without taking into account the seasonal aspect, the fact of buying local food allow often to choose fruits and vegetables picked mature, because they needed less transport, and therefore tastier.

  • Lower prices

Local food prices are reduced from the product cost of logistic. For instance in France, according to the Sétra, the technical highway study group, the logistic costs represent on average 8 % of final prices of products in 2007. Besides, buying directly to the producers also reduce the price of the profit margin applied by the seller.

  • Pleasant encounters

Eating local, when it’s possible, mean often meeting directly the farmer and producers, going for a stroll in the local markets. Let’s say it’s a different state of mind that can improve he knowledge of your territory and the people that make it live.


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