Less meat but of better quality

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What if we ate less meat in preference for better quality?

According to FAO’s report in 2007, a person eats on the average, more than 41 kg of meat per year, with important disparities between the so called “developed countries”, where people consume an average of 82 kg of meat per year and to the so called “developing countries”, where people consume, an average of 31 kg of meat per year.[1]

FAO’s predictions reveal that by 2050, there will be 73 % and about 58 % increases in consumption of meat and dairy products respectively, compared to their annual levels.”[2]

These are inextricably linked to the fact that greenhouse gas emissions produced by the livestock will rise to “7.1 jig tones CO2 per year. This figure corresponds to 14.5% of the overall emissions in human history[3]” considering that natural resources (water, cultivable lands…) are subjected to higher pressures as a result of activities in the sector.

One of the solutions is to reduce the consumption of meat. For those who are voracious eaters of sausages and for the “carnivores”, to prefer meat of good quality.

More informations on meat consumption and production in the excellent Friend of the Earth 2014 report “Meat Atlas”.

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