(Français) Changements climatiques, alimentation et agriculture : 10 chiffres à connaitre et des idées pour agir !

changement climatique alimentation agriculture chiffres clés idees actions
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(Français) Ma toute première fois au salon de l’agriculture

toute première fois salon agriculture
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(Français) Quiz : 8 questions pour vérifier votre connaissance de l’agriculture française

Quiz agricuture française
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(Français) Rétrospective Salon de l’agriculture 2006-2016 : montée en puissance des enjeux de durabilité, crise agricole, innovation et politique

salon agriculture 2006 2016
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What does sustainable food consumption mean and how to promote it? Interview with Stefanos Fotiou, Head of the UNEP “Cities and Lifestyles” Unit

Consommer durable Alimentazione sostenibile definizione
What does sustainable lifestyle and sustainable consumption mean? What is the practical definition when speaking about food consumption (does it mean eat organic, local, seasonal, be a vegetarian?) and how to promote more sustainable consumption habits? During my visit to Paris in September, I met Stefanos Fotiou who is working at the United Nations Environment Programme and is an expert on these issues (1). He was great to talk to and gave lots of insight How to promote “sustainable lifestyles”? UNEP’s work on sustainable consumption issues is relatively new and it has increased in the last 10 years. The focus of the organization was originally more on production issues and how to reduce the environmental impacts of sectors: chemical, tourism etc. It is very difficult to work on the consumption side. Leveraging sustainable consumption patterns is most likely to work through policy, with 3 main types of action: Change the ...

Textifood : textile and food : the comeback of a thousand-year-old alliance towards more sustainability?

What are the links between food and textile sectors? My pullover and my morning cereal, my new pants and Sicilian orange peels? What are the conections with food waste, circular economy and more widely, sustainability? I found many interesting answers to those questions the occasion of my passage to Milan at the beginning of June within the framework of the exhibition Textifood, which is held at the French institute in Milan until July 14th (one the nice exposition of the Expo 2015 Off). I Thanks again all the people working on this exhibition, in particular Estelle, for their nice welcoming. Lucia From the rediscovery of traditional use of natural fibers… Since the down of times, men used local natural resources for dressing themselves extracting from vegetal fibers (from the stem, leaves or fruits) or using animal fibers (silkworms, wool). The exhibition recalls us concretely – thru wonderful artisanal, engineer or ...

Catering service: how and why to convert to organic (local)?

ristorazione collettiva Expo2015 organic local
Catering service is an important incentive to convert to a more sustainable food and agriculture. Different aspects and challenges of the environmental economy are connected to this: the establishment of production chains, the link with the territory, the choice of the products (seasonality, proximity…). Many of the participants to the Expo 2015 will highlight their initiatives over the subject. Moreover, the food offer of the pavilions and the organization (Expo 2015) will be under the spotlight: where will the products come from (from far away or from local places, products of the agro-food industry, fresh products)? Will they be biological products? How they will be packed? What will its nutritional value be? The challenge will be to be able to present the entire food variety of the 145 participant countries, ensuring at the same time the sustainability of the food supply given the central question of the Expo: “Is it possible ...

Interview of Paola: Common goods management and sustainability in agriculture: the example of the “agrarian universities” in Italy

università agraria gestione collettiva expo2015
To answer to the main question of the next Universal Exposition “Will it be possible to ensure a sufficient, sustainable and healthy nutrition, to the whole humanity?” we need to question our way to manage the natural resources, in particular the agricultural resources. Not only concerning the culture methods (intensive agriculture, bio…), but also the type of management: public, private or else. I met Paola V.e.r.d.o.l.o.t.t.i in September 2014 during a conference over the issue of “Collective management of the territory and food security”, organized in Rome within the event Giro del Gusto at the Swiss cultural Institute of Rome. Paola works in the field of collective management of the natural resources through historical-juridical analysis of the experience of “Agrarian University” in Italy. Agrarian universities are a collective way of manage natural resources of a territory. We met again in November for this interview. Thanks again to Paola for her availability ...

Reportage in Switzerland: let’s go to a food blogger tour pre-Expo 2015!

Suisse Expo2015
I was lucky to participate to a « Food blogger tour » in Switzerland the weekend of the 21-22 and 23 of February. It was organized by Présence Suisse – the organism in charge of the coordination of the Swiss Pavilion for the 2015 Universal Exposition – this train-road trip had the objective of promoting the Swiss territory and gastronomy towards Italian social networks. And for my first time in this country, I was in company of 9 talented and nice Italian “food blogger” (managing a blog in relation with cooking, gastronomy…you can find the list of their blog at the end of article). We went to the discovery of Switzerland, its cooking and its links with agriculture: at the menu no fondue or raclette, but many meetings with chef, explanations on the origins and type of production of our food, presentation of local agriculture, tourism, tasting… we received really a whole-hearted ...

8 of march: women and men, key figures agriculture and nutrition

alimentazione agricoltura donne
To answer the main question of 2015 Universal Exposition: “Is it possible to ensure sufficient, good, healthy and sustainable food for all mankind?”, women are playing a huge role. They are one of the key to fight against hunger but also achieve a more equal and sustainable society. They are farmers, that often have more difficulties to acces to ressource, they are mother, still mostly in charge compare to men of the preparation of meals, they are more victim of diceases link with nutrition… The World food program underlines that “giving women farmers more resources could bring the number of hungry people in the world down by 100 – 150 million people”. A nice project to discover today in relation wih Expo 2015, is the project Women for Expo that ‘aims to further the debate on nutrition-related themes through dedicated projects and initiatives that seek to build a forward-looking and awareness-raising path, starting from the contributions ...