2015 Milan Universal Exposition: let’s be part of History!

Feed the planet energy for life: “2015 Expo  is not a fair. To fascinate the entire world, we should guarantee a
great history”

Storia Expo2015

Those words pronounced the 10th of March 2014 by the General Commissioner for 2015 Milano Expo, Giuseppe de Sala, represent perfectly the dimension of the challenge: make of 2015 Expo a key step for History. And it will not be possible without an active participation of the civil society, US, YOU. In particular from Milano citizens and Italians, who are already starting to implement actions, but more broadly every citizen in its own country.

The “Big Challenge”: to leave a lasting legacy

In the past, the most famous marks left by international expositions have been architectural (Eiffel Tower, Atomium, Space Needle…). Instead, Italy has set a goal of leaving a lasting legacy in 2015, to ensure that this Expo represent a key step in progressing towards “Feeding the planet”. This legacy will depend first and foremost on the educational objectives of the Expo, which consist in developing healthier and more sustainable feeding models for the planet. Italy, which is already the country where is born the Slow food international movement, could reinforce its role and legitimacy in terms of sustainable nutrition and agriculture with 2015 Expo.

The challenge of the civil society active participation

Everyone is concerned by the food and nutrition issues: 11,9% of the world population suffer from hunger and 1/3 of world food production is wasted. And FAO projects that, under current production and consumption trends, global food production must increase 60% by 2050.

Cascina Triulza Milano

Cascina Triulza Milano

Civil society, meaning US, is the main stakeholder able to face these challenges. And Milano 2015 Expo will be the first to have a pavilion dedicated entirely to the civil society national and international organizations, the « Cascina Triulza » pavilion with as main theme Exploding Energies to change the world. After the Expo, the Cascina Triulza will still operate welcoming NGO and associations working on nutrition and food issues.

“Anyone coming to Milan will discover a city already changed”

The Milano mayor, Giuliano Pisapia, claim it during a conference beginning of March  “Anyone coming to Milan will discover a city already changed” [2].  To meet the challenge of 2015 Expo, Milano city and its civil society already launched many projects and initiatives related the Expo themes: conferences, call for project open to privates companies, students, many events (workshops, tastings…). In addition, the city is changing and adapting itself in order to be ready before 2015 Expo: in terms of transportation and infrastructures in particular. And there are many challenges: Milano will welcome 100 000 to 200 000 visitors per day during six months and will have to guarantee transportation from the center to the Expo location maintaining the transportation quality for its inhabitants. Milano hopes to become a projects and ideas incubator for every citizen willing to commit on the nutrition and food issue.

L'Expo already in Milano

The final challenge: one year to universalize 2015 Expo

Seven Italians over 10 have a positive vision of 2015 Expo in February 2014 according to the Milano Chamber of commerce [3]. How is it in other countries? The 2015 Expo must now involve more and more participating countries and most importantly the international civil society in order to make possible what Cinzia Pagni of Aginsieme was saying the 10 of march: “The 2015 Expo is not Italy, Expo is the world”[4]. And in order to do that, we have to take over on Expo themes: how are we eating? How eat well? How can we take pleasure eating and respect the planet? Internet allows us to open a dialogue on these issues, to launch projects from NOW on. Let’s make 2015 Expo History! And let’s do it being curious, open minded on the richness of the world! For an Universal Exposition that make you want to meet the challenge of a more sustainable nutrition TOGETHER.


[1] Source : Maurizio Martina, ministre l’agriculture italien, lors de la Conférence de presse « l’agroalimentaire italien pour l’Expo 2015 » du 10 mars 2014

[2] Conférence du 3 mars 2014 «Milan aujourd’hui, Milan demain »

[3] Source : Chambre de commerce de Milan, sur la base  d’une analyse conduite par « Voices from the Blogs » de 41 380 commentaires publiés sur internet

[4] Source : Conférence de presse « l’agroalimentaire italien pour l’Expo 2015 » du 10 mars 2014

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