Brazil at Expo 2015 3

Brazil Expo 2015

The Brazil Theme statement: “Feed the world with solutions”

Commissionner-General: Mauricio Borges

Website: Not yet

Main objective of the pavilion: the Brazilian pavilion will focus on three themes: the importance on technology to tackle food issues, sustainable development and cultural and social dimensions of food.

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Key figures Brazil Food agriculture

example brazilian food

Data sources:

  • Number of farmers (data 2013), part in active population (data 2013), agricultural land part (data 2011), part of women in agriculture (data 2013), under nutrition (data 2010-12), source: FAO
  • Part of the agricultural sector in the GDP: data 2012, source Banque Mondiale
  • Repartion of farms in Brazil: Source: IFAD data 2006,
  • Obesity and overweight: data 2007, source: OMS
  • Food waste: data 2006, source: banques alimentaires

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  1. Reply Sandro Martano Feb 9, 2015 %I:%M %p

    Buongiorno, sarebbe possibile ricevere informazioni nutrizionali e organolettiche delle specialità alimentari presentate in questa pagina?

  2. Reply Sandro Martano Feb 9, 2015 %I:%M %p

    Grazie comunque. Spero di aver dato qualche idea per lo sviluppo del blog

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