Japan at 2015 Expo


In short :

  • Signed the participation contract for Expo Milano 2015: 18th July 2013
  • General commissioner  of the Japanese pavilion : Hisanori Goto
  • Main spaces and themes of the Japanese pavilion : Correct alimentation education, focus on sushis preparation, rice production and fish industry.
  • Most sustainable features: pavilion created with renewable energies, built with  reusable and recyclable  materials (wood, bamboo)
  • Ufficial 2015 Expo Japan website: http://www.expo2015.jp/en/

Key figures on food and Japan

  • Japan is also the Okinawa Archipelago where the average life expectancy is one of the longest (86 years for women, 78 years for men)[1].
  •  The sales of organic products are estimated at 1% of the global food sales in 2000[2].

Key figures on Japan and agriculture :

  • Japan had in 2011, 1000 Ha of agricultural area for more than 127 million of inhabitant[3].
  •  1 418 thousand people work in agricultural fields (6152 in 1980)[4]
  • According to the FAO, there was around 3 500 organic producers, who exploit a global area  of less than 1000 ha in 2000.

For more information the press release on the Japan signature of the participation contract for Expo Milano 2015 is available on the official site of the Expo.

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[2] Source : http://www.fao.org/docrep/004/y1669f/y1669f0c.htm.

[3] Source: FAOSTAT. Official data, 2011.

[4] Source : FAO, report “the state of food and agriculture 2013″ http://www.fao.org/publications/sofa/2013/en/

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