Expo 2015: practical advices

Expo 2015: What is the best time to go? How to get there? How much does it cost? What to do during the Expo, how to organize? What to do away from the Expo? Discover our advices! :) Lucia

Expo2015 informazioni pratiche informations pratiques practical advices

What is the best time to go?

Contextual information: Universal Exposition in Milan will last six month from the 1st of May to the 31st of October. The Expo area covers around 1 million square meters (100 acres), 145 countries will be presented of which 50 countries will be present with a self-built pavilion (the others will be grouped in clusters). There will also be themed areas to explore: one on biodiversity, one for children … etc. (See our page Expo 2015). More than two million visitors are expected, including 8 million foreign visitors. The site can accommodate up to 250,000 visitors a day.

  • whenWhich month?

Ideally, to make the most of it, I would advise to go there in June or September. In May, there will certainly be many visitors – given the number of public holidays, the Italian surely will go for a ride to Milan – not to mention the “curiosity of novelty” aspect. However, in May the atmosphere may be more exciting, it depends a bit on your expectations! Personally, I fear a little the crowd.

In July / August it is often very hot … and there will be a lot of tourists. October could also be a good time. My only quibble is that in Italy the sunset start to be soon (around 6:30 p.m.).

  • What day, at what time?

The Expo will be open every day from 10:00 to 11:00 p.m. During the week, you will certainly have fewer visitors than during weekend. But I would advise to avoid office hours if possible in order not to be compressed in public transport (about 30 minutes from downtown Milan), or stuck in traffic. The Expo site opens anyway only at 10am, but it is true that if you want to arrive for the opening, you will certainly travel during office hours. To save time, buy your ticket online (more information in our cost paragraph).

  • How long should you stay?

It depends what you want to do it: if what interest you more is the architectural aspect and the curiosity of visiting once in your life a World Expo, or if you also want to have time to make the most of it, discover many pavilions, register for some of the proposed activities. In all cases a day seems a little short, but it could possibly be sufficient in the scenario one. Two days seem more suitable, but not necessarily successively. Then you can enjoy your stay to see other things (see part: what to do?).

How to get there?

RENOIRThe Expo site is not located in the center of Milan but is in the northwest area of Milan, near the city of Rho. All the expected works on transportation to facilitate the access to Expo 2015 have not been finalized in time, however, it will be possible to reach the site of the Milan Expo Center by taking the Metro Line 1 (Stop Rho Fiera) or train: Urban extra fee (5 euros / R, 8 euros a day – can be bought machine or tobacco).

And to get from outside Milan, in another city in Italy or other countries, many transport companies (Alitalia, Thello, SNCF …) offer discounts and increased their frequencies. But it’s still expensive at the last minute, so I will recommend to book in advance. More information on the “how to go to the Expo” in the official website.

How much does it cost?

money money money cost expo 2015Various formulas exist: pass a day or two days, evenings only (flexible or fixed time, consecutive or not, family package…). Currently for a one day pass count 39 euros, two days consecutive 67 euros, 72 euros for a two days pass (nonconsecutive), nonconsecutive 3 days, 105 euros. In summer, it will be interesting to enjoy the evening formula available from 7pm, only at 5 euros.. More information on the official FAQ. These prices however don’t include the housing (very expensive, do not hesitate to bet on Airbnb or to stay out of Milan, for example, at the lakes), transport (see paragraph “how to get there”).

What to do during the Expo, how to organize?

It is very possible that there would be queues to access certain areas or pavilions. If possible, try to plan ahead pavilions, clusters (chocolates, rice …) and the areas you wish to visit. For this, follow this link with the map of the area. If you can, check the pavilions website you would like to. Obviouly many events are detailed in the official website of Expo.

What to do away from the Expo?

  •  Enjoy the Off!!!

Expo 2015offExpoincitta. Some events / conferences / tasting / shows will be organized by the participating countries in Milan, the easiest way (which is not that easy …) is surely to consult the website of the country you are interested (do not hesitate to consult our participants pages) and look on their agenda. In Milan, don’t hesitate to  go one tourist office to see if they have cultural agendas.

  • Visit the places related to food and sustainable agriculture in Milan

And yes, it is the purpose of our blog, feel free to explore the many places related to these themes in Milan: the restaurants and aperitivi to “km0″ (the Italian expression to say local) small farmers markets … We will try to make you an article about it with some nice adresses.

  • george clooney como Expo2015Take off and go greet (by far) George ;)

Enjoy your presence in Milan to visit the region. For example, go to the lakes, Como, for example, is only 40 minutes by train from Central Station for a very low price (about 8 euros return). It’s beautiful, I can highly recommend it! Ps: by George, I’m referring to George Clooney, whose residence is located on Lake Como, “by far” because the mayor has defended to get too close from it.

  •  Or

One hour from Milan, there is also the beautiful Turin; about 3 hours from Milan, the capital of Italy, Rome where I live.. etc. Take the opportunity of Expo 2015 to discover Italy, eat local specialties, discovering its agriculture and making beautiful encounters!

Ps: I recall that we are not at all related to the company Expo 2015 – we do this blog entirely on a voluntary basis because for us this Expo can be a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness, dialogue and take action for more sustainable food and agriculture systems. We present ourselves here.


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