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From July to August 2014

Holidays, Holidays...Puglia, Italy

Holidays, Holidays…Puglia, Italy

Did you have a good holiday? Sustainable, greedy, and sunny? Did you come back completely rested?

To get a good start in September, here is a little update on the last two months regarding the universal exposition 2015, but also on the big events to come about sustainable food and agriculture.

But first of all, just remind that if you need information about expo (where, when, what, who?) you can have a look on our dedicated page, the same applies if you need info on the link between Universal Exposition and Sustainable development challenges.

Welcome back !

Lucia, Laura and Juliette

Ps:  Private message to Federica from Geneva: we had a technical problem during the summer with our contact form. It is great if you want to participate, contact us again, the problem has been fixed!


Quote of the summer:

“Hunger leads to conflict and conflict exacerbates hunger”[1]

 Graziano da Silva, FAO Director-General (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations), 29 août

# Italy

  • Expoexpress, a train aiming to promote Expo 2015 left the 30th of August: he will stop in 11 Italian cities and will host some meeting, events, laboratory and free cooking courses[2].
  • Matteo Renzi  revisited  the  Expo site the 13th august : he asserted that the objective is  to sell  24 million tickets, among  which 10 million before the event.


  • The  Castle place of Milan, were is located  the Expogate,  a permanent space where conferences, events, and infopoints are organised, has been covered by corn  (artistic project ”Quantomais”)

#News of participants

  • Turkey confirmed its participation after several months of hesitation.
  • Nigeria signed its participating contract to Expo 2015; the press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed the importance of the agricultural sector in this country, with 70% of the working population[3] 
  • ONU released its first video about its participation to Expo
  •  The sultanate of Brunei signed the contract of participation for Expo 2015 – where it will be physically present in the cluster spices – on September 2nd. The theme of its participation will be: “Science and technology for food safety, security and quality” [4].
  • The United States released  their first video about their participation to Expo:
  • Civil Society: Legambiente, One of the main Italian environmental associations, is collecting funds  to organize activities in the Civil Society’s  Pavilion coordinated by the Foundation Triulza (to know about it about the Foundation Triulza, you can read our interview of the president here).

#Coming soon

  • From  28th to 30th September : within the framework  of the Italian presidency of the European  Council, an informal Council of Ministers will be held in Milan on the theme ” Feed the planet, the energy for  life ” to discuss ” political prospects for food safety, and the role of Europe on this global theme “.
  • 16 October: World Food Day. In Italy, the Asian Heads of State and 28 countries of the European Union will be present (summit Asem), an opportunity according to Matteo Renzi    ”to provide an update on the Expo” [5].
  • From 19th to 21rst November  2014 : Second International Conference on Nutrition

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