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From Friday 21st to Friday 28th of February

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Quotation of the week: “2015 Expo don’t want to be about showing off taking time and energy building architectural monuments: we want this event to leave a lasting and ethic legacy, which is according to us a priority, with new scenarios to tackle nutrition issues of the next millennium”, Giuseppe Sala, 2015 Expo commissioner for Italian government, 27th of February on the occasion of the Vatican signing of participation protocol.[1]

# Italy

  • The new Prime minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi said that « 2015 Expo in Milan should be a driving force for Italy » and that « what will happen next year will surely represent a moment of reference for the future » on the occasion of a speech to the Senate the 24th of February[2].
  • The new Italian minister of agriculture, Maurizio Martina opening the conference of the Italian farmers confederation the 26th of February said that 2015 Expo represent for Italy an  « unique opportunity, in particular for the agricultural and food processing industry world ». He then added “that he will fight as a lion up until the last day of the Expo”[3].

# News from participants

  • Welcome to the Vatican at the 2015 Expo! with the signing of participation protocol the 27 of February. The main theme of the Holy see pavilion will be “not only bread”. It will defends the idea that « spiritual food is as important that the one needed to respond to immediate needs » and underline the importance of protecting the resources given by the creation[4].
  • And also welcome to Estonia who signed its participation contract the 26th of February. Its pavilion, with theme « Landscapes on a plate » will be « develops along three main lines: the diversity and uniqueness of the natural Estonian landscape and its culinary culture based on fresh, organic products; the cutting edge of new technologies and energy use; and the manifold characteristics of the country’s historical and cultural heritage”.   The + sustainable: at least 50 % of recyclable materials and organic products degustation[5].
  • Civil society:
    • The Sapienza, the Rome University will organize within the framework of the « Sapiexpo » program a series of event to promote the research on nutrition. To know more, click here.
    • The Barilla center for food nutrition (Bcfn) President, Guido Barilla, reacted the 25th of February to Matteo Renzi speech to the Senate underlining the fact that concluding 2015 Expo by adopting a Milano protocol will go along with an ambitious vision of Italy. The Milano Protocol would be a « global agreement on food and nutrition (…) inspired by the example of the Kyoto protocol defining three main objectives : 50 % reduction of the 1,3 billion tons of food wasted in the world (…), implementing of land reform and fight against financial speculation (…), against obesity and actions to recall the importance of nutrition education ».[6]

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