2015 Expo news of the week

From friday 14th to friday 21st of february

This news section, which rate of publication will vary according to events, will follow 2015 Expo preparation focusing on sustainable development issues and on the themes of sustainable nutrition and agriculture. Have a nice reading and then a nice weekend!  Lucia

Quotation of the week: “Expectations are growing day by day”, Vicente Gonzalez Loscertales, the secretary general of The International Exhibitions talking about 2015 Expo, Bureau in Bergamo, 20th of February

# 2015 Expo preparation

  • Clusters Participants Meeting in Bergamo, 19 and 20th of February: 72 countries, 295 delegates have talked about the clusters preparation level of progress. For the record, clusters are thematic spaces that will link countries between them on a common theme (ex: agriculture and nutrition in arid zone; coffee…). The “sustainable plus”: Expo2015 Company announced an objective of 84 % of differentiated waste collection[1].

# News from 2015 Expo participants

  • France: the “France – Milano Expo 2015 team” will be present during the “Salon de l’agriculture” at the ministry of agriculture exhibition stand from 22 of February. The sustainable plus: the exhibition stand will focus on the themes that will be highlighted at the French pavilion during Expo2015: agroecology, sustainable nutrition, food wastage[2].
  •  Switzerland: according to the newspaper quotidiano.net cheeses, chocolates and sustainability will be on the programme of the Swiss pavilion during 2015 Expo. The consul general of Switzerland in Milano, Massimo Baggi, announced that he foresees 2 million of Swiss visitors during the six months event (Ps: one year from now, you can find me at the Swiss pavilion, in front of the chocolates stand;)
  • Civil society: signature of the Foundation Triulza participation contract for 2015 Expo the 18th of February. The foundation will coordinate the activity of the first pavilion dedicated to civil society of the Universal Exposition history. The pavilion theme will be “Exploding Energies to change the world”. The foundation announced the first international project call to elaborate the cultural programs of the pavilion[3].
  • Turkey: according to Italian press (Stampa, Il Sole 24 ore) of Friday 21st, Turkey will announce very soon that it renouncement to participate to 2015 Expo.

# Milano 

  • The city of Milano supports the Slow food project « 10 000 vegetable garden in Africa »[4].

[2] Source : French ministry agriculture website dedicated to nutrition issues, alimentation.gouv.fr

[3] Source : Foundation Triulza press release

[4] Source : communiqué de presse de la ville de Milan

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