The Civil Society: main player at Expo Milan 2015

Thanks to an interesting conference over the participation of Cascina Triulza, which is the organization which will host the Civil Society Pavillion at the Expo 2015, I had the opportunity to get to known deeper the Triulza Foundation and the role of civil society at the Expo. The conference took place on Tuesday 29th of April at the Senate in Rome. (You will learn more about Cascina Triulza thanks to one of the next interviews by Juliette….).

I had also the opportunity to enter the famous Palazzo Madama, the historical roman building hosting the Senate of the Italian Republic, in a hall fully decorated of wonderful frescos.

Among the speakers, there were important representatives of the Italian Governments, such as the Minister of Agriclture, Nutrition and Forestry, Maurizio Martina, the Director the Institutional Affairs at Expo 2015 S.p.A., Roberto Arditti, and of course the President of the Triulza Foundation, Sergio Silvotti and the Director of the Civil Society Pavillion, Chiara Pennasi.

The main guest was Pietro Grasso, the President of the Senate of the Italian Republic, who introduced the conference.

Presentation of the Civile Society Pavillion Expo Milano 2015 - Cascina Triulza

Presentation of the Civile Society Pavillion Expo Milano 2015 – Cascina Triulza

Exploding Energies to change the world!

The theme of the Pavillion, chosen by the Foundation, highlights the active participation of the Civil Society.

To make energies explode: according to Pietro Grasso, this should be the objective before, during and after the Expo, that the Civil Society will set while working within the Expo. This means that the expo should not be just a nice memory, but it should also give the input to create a solid heritage of ideas, proposals, solutions and energies to change the world, which will be active also after the Expo will finish, thanks to the work of Triulza Foundation, a network of more than 60 associations.

Pietro Grasso, President of the Senate of the Italian Republic

Pietro Grasso, President of the Senate of the Italian Republic

Pietro Grasso has expressed the necessity to change the current policies which don’t work anymore.

How can we overcome the contradiction between a part of the planet which is fighting against obesity and the other part which is fighting against hunger? How can we face the urgent matter of water scarcity? Which solution can we offer to the problem of food scarcity?

All of these themes must be faced through the active participation of the voluntary sector or community sector  (the so called “third sector” in Italian) which is definetly able to propose practical solutions to the crisis, to promote employment and to move the economy.

Pietro Grasso whishes that the institutions and the politics will be able to support and to improve the dynamism and the fundamental contribute of the social economy of the third sector.

Expo 2015: great opportunity for the whole Italy

It is extremely important to live the experience of the Expo as a great opportunity to re-think and re-plan the country over an essential theme like nutrition, that is one of the strengths of Italy.

Many important international questions arise, like the problem of food security, or the problem of food geopolitics. Just think of the meeting point between demand and offer of food and agricultural products which the increase of the population will involve in few years.

This is the reason why it is essential to re-think of our development models.

Italy, with its potential and the value of its service sector, plays  an important role.

The models of agricultural experience of the Italian originality are a treasure to safeguard, and also a tool to put at the service of the entire European and international discussion over these big questions.

Public present at the Conference at the Senate

Public present at the Conference at the Senate

That is why it is important to think the Expo with a forward-looking sight, as a chance to get ready to what one wants to see happening after the expo will be finished: to re-think the country system, Italy.

Civil Society: the protagonist of the change.

Through the work of Cascina Triulza, the Expo becomes a real Italian way to state in front of the world that the future is written with the participation of all the civil society to the policy-making process.

Fondazione Triulza is a network of 60 organizations coming from the civil society and the third sector, active in the world of associations, international cooperation, social cultural and sport promotion, voluntary work, social economy and ethic finance. It represents a very wide and varied world made of different realities which has committed in order to make the voice of citizens to be heard.

The Expo Milano 2015 will be the first Universal Exposition to host an entire pavilion to the civil society. Cascina Triulza will become the benchmark for the local and international networks of the third sector, and also a steady, in progress site of ideas, proposals and activities to contribute to develop the theme “ Feeding the world, energies for life”.

Pavillion of the Triulza Foundation at Expo Milano 2015

Pavillion of the Triulza Foundation at Expo Milano 2015

Cascina Triulza: unique and stimulating place!

The organizations of civil society themselves will build the cultural program of the Pavillion, through Calls of ideas, so that it will be up to the various social realities to propose events and activities to add to the program of Cascina Triulza.

Citizens and visitors will be actively involved and even the public institutions and the companies sensitive to the themes and values promoted by the civil society in the pavilion, will have an important role.

The Pavillion of Triulza Foundation hope to become a “no-profit island  within a profit sea” (Director of International Cooperation, Minister Cantini), since the future is written not only by governments, but especially by Civil Society.


Image of the future Civil Society pavillion on the website of the Triulza Foundation

Image of the future Civil Society pavillion on the website of the Triulza Foundation


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