(Français) Expo 2015 : quel bilan et quelles réponses au thème « Nourrir la planète : énergie pour la vie » ?

Expo2015 bilan bilancio
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(Français) Nourrir les villes durablement – comment la ville de Lyon relève le défi ? Interview de Lilian Pellegrino

Nourrir les villes -URBACT
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(Français) Expo universelle 2015 : nos pavillons préférés pour leurs contenus

Expo 2015 contenu contenuto padiglioni preferiti pavillons préférés
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Textifood : textile and food : the comeback of a thousand-year-old alliance towards more sustainability?

What are the links between food and textile sectors? My pullover and my morning cereal, my new pants and Sicilian orange peels? What are the conections with food waste, circular economy and more widely, sustainability? I found many interesting answers to those questions the occasion of my passage to Milan at the beginning of June within the framework of the exhibition Textifood, which is held at the French institute in Milan until July 14th (one the nice exposition of the Expo 2015 Off). I Thanks again all the people working on this exhibition, in particular Estelle, for their nice welcoming. Lucia From the rediscovery of traditional use of natural fibers… Since the down of times, men used local natural resources for dressing themselves extracting from vegetal fibers (from the stem, leaves or fruits) or using animal fibers (silkworms, wool). The exhibition recalls us concretely – thru wonderful artisanal, engineer or ...

(Français) Tastevere-km0 : du champ à l’assiette, la bonne humeur et la pédagogie en plus ! Interview de Giuseppe, co-propriétaire

Intervista tastevere locale stagione km0 rOma
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Expo 2015: feed the planet, energy for life? Our opinion on Expo area

opinion parere view EXPO2015
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5 best movies on food and sustainability #Expo2015 #FestivalDeCannes 1

film expo2015 festival de cannes alimentation durable alimentazione sostenibile sustainable food
Special article for the festival of Cannes: Our selections of five movies which make people think about the issue of nutrition and agriculture sustainability, which are at the same time funny and exciting. I’m sorry for the “French” selection, but if you have more ideas, don’t hesitate to comment! The cinema, mirror of our societies, our humor, our fears, our vision of the future, is a very pleasant way to think about what’s in our dishes and in our fields! Lucia 1. The Grande Bouffe / Blow-Out Italian-French movie of 1973, with Marcello Mastroianni, Philippe Noiret e Michel Piccoli. The story is simple, but particularly shocking: four middle aged men meet in a villa in France for a “gastronomic seminar”. In the end it turns to be a meeting with death, where four people, tired of their lives, gorge themselves till death. When it was released, the movie caused scandal,  booed ...

Expo 2015: practical advices

Expo2015 informazioni pratiche informations pratiques practical advices
Expo 2015: What is the best time to go? How to get there? How much does it cost? What to do during the Expo, how to organize? What to do away from the Expo? Discover our advices! Lucia What is the best time to go? Contextual information: Universal Exposition in Milan will last six month from the 1st of May to the 31st of October. The Expo area covers around 1 million square meters (100 acres), 145 countries will be presented of which 50 countries will be present with a self-built pavilion (the others will be grouped in clusters). There will also be themed areas to explore: one on biodiversity, one for children … etc. (See our page Expo 2015). More than two million visitors are expected, including 8 million foreign visitors. The site can accommodate up to 250,000 visitors a day. Which month? Ideally, to make the most of it, I would advise to ...

Catering service: how and why to convert to organic (local)?

ristorazione collettiva Expo2015 organic local
Catering service is an important incentive to convert to a more sustainable food and agriculture. Different aspects and challenges of the environmental economy are connected to this: the establishment of production chains, the link with the territory, the choice of the products (seasonality, proximity…). Many of the participants to the Expo 2015 will highlight their initiatives over the subject. Moreover, the food offer of the pavilions and the organization (Expo 2015) will be under the spotlight: where will the products come from (from far away or from local places, products of the agro-food industry, fresh products)? Will they be biological products? How they will be packed? What will its nutritional value be? The challenge will be to be able to present the entire food variety of the 145 participant countries, ensuring at the same time the sustainability of the food supply given the central question of the Expo: “Is it possible ...

One month before the Expo 2015: 10 questions to check if you are ready!

ready pronti prets Expo2015
Here we are, the Expo 2015 will start in one month ! Are you ready, do you know what it will be about, who will participate, what are the issues related to sustainable development? To discover it do the quizz ! Share and Enjoy