Food diplomacy and sustainability

Diplomazia alimentare Expo2015
Last Thursday 25th September I went to an interesting workshop: “Expo2015 and Food diplomacy”, in a wonderful roman villa close to via Veneto: villa Maraini, which hosts the Swiss Institute in Rome. It’s been a whole week rich in events in the field of the initiative “Giro del Gusto”, characterized by conferences, round tables, tasting dinner of the typical swiss food, which aimed at promoting the participation of Switzerland at the Expo 2015. Lucia also participated to some events at the Villa, in particolar a conference on “Collective management of the territory and food security: past experiences and future perspectives” (we will speak more about this theme in the near future). After the conference Lucia had the chance to spend a delightful evening listening to music in  company of the Swill Pavillion team. She described me how you could already perceive, during that event, a bit of taste of Universal ...

Expo 2015 debates chapter 1: « The future of society, between Common goods and new inequalities»?

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In order to get back on track with the Universal Exposition 2015 after the holiday period, I went this 3rd of September to a conference with Jeremy Rifkin, an American economic and science prospective specialist. If the conference theme took me a little bit away from the main issues we are following in our blog – sustainable agriculture and nutrition – it was however related to a theme that we would like to dig more into, the sustainability of the Expo 2015 itself and of the debates developing around it, in this case: how to go forward a transition to a more sustainable economic model and more efficient in the way it consumes resources? J. Rifkin conference was part of one the 4 axes of research of Expo labo[1], which is a project of Expo 2015 and of the foundation Giangiacomo Feltrinelli. This research cycle is entitles “Human city: possible ...

World Expo 2015 newsflash

Flash news World Expo 2015
From July to August 2014 Did you have a good holiday? Sustainable, greedy, and sunny? Did you come back completely rested? To get a good start in September, here is a little update on the last two months regarding the universal exposition 2015, but also on the big events to come about sustainable food and agriculture. But first of all, just remind that if you need information about expo (where, when, what, who?) you can have a look on our dedicated page, the same applies if you need info on the link between Universal Exposition and Sustainable development challenges. Welcome back ! Lucia, Laura and Juliette Ps:  Private message to Federica from Geneva: we had a technical problem during the summer with our contact form. It is great if you want to participate, contact us again, the problem has been fixed!   Quote of the summer: “Hunger leads to conflict and ...

Blog activity review and wishes of a nice holiday!

Buone vacanze Bonnes vacances Nice holidays Expo2015
Our blog Nourrislaplanete-Expo2015 is: US:three young women motivated by the themes of sustainable food and  agriculture (farming), which want to know more about it, to meet committed stakeholders, to know the existing stakes and the solutions in diverse places of the planet. A MOTIVATION: to contribute, at our small level, to make the most of the Universal Exposition 2015 – which will take place during 6 months in Milan from May on the theme “Feed the planet: energy for the life “- as a opportunity to open the debate, and to focus on theme of the food and agriculture. OUR BLOG 5 MONTHS ACTIVITY, which is done on a voluntary basis, it is: Approximately 2 000 visitors  24 articles, 1 a week ! 6 interviews Around 30 meeting in the frame of conference, individual meeting More than  200 followers on twitter More than 130 like on Facebook, Visitors from  more than 70 ...

Iceland: a good example of sustainable cultivation thanks to the natural resources 2

Islande agriculture géothermie
One month ago, I did an interesting tour to Iceland. It has been a long time since I wanted to visit this isolated Island, close to the North Pole. That’s why I decided to organize the tour. Iceland is a really fascinating country, characterized by a savage nature and lonely places of great beauty, still uncontaminated. In this island, which lies 40 km away from the artic circle, the harsh and sometimes inhospitable land make the possibility to cultivate vegetables and fruits very difficult. Island, indeed, is a very cold country, where there is no daylight  for many months in a year. As a result, plants do not grow easily in such a place. Nevertheless, the presence of geothermical areas, widely spread all over the icelandic territory, makes the temperature of the land not so cold. Icelandic people are hard workers and they were able to take advantage from the ...

The Farmers’ Markets in Italy: a growing trend

Intervista Campagna Amica
Interview to Pietro Hausmann of the Campagna Amica Foundation Last Friday 27th June, Lucia and I have met Pietro Hausmann, who works for Campagna Amica and who deals with the development of its markets in Italy. Campagna Amica is a foundation based in Rome and it is a national network of direct selling of local products, formed by markets, farms, agritourisms, restaurants, urban gardens, small shops and ethical purchasing groups[1]. Our aim was to better understand the growing movement in Italy of the so called “farmers markets”, or local producers’ markets. We want to get known their history, their organization, their values and their perception of the Expo 2015. The easiest way to do it, was to start from the city we live in, and in particolar, from the market that Lucia visits every weekend. We turn up for the meeting at the market which hosts Campagna Amica at Circo Massimo ...

Towards the Expo 2015: the challenges of nutrition and agriculture sustainability at the forefront of international diplomacy?

Agenda verso Expo 2015
We have created this blog in a voluntary basis because we, Lucia, Laura and Juliette, expect that the Expo, which will take place in Milan next year, from May to October (147 participating countries, more than 20 million visitors expected), will constitute an opportunity to emphasize the theme of food and agriculture sustainability[1]. The next monts agenda, before the Expo 2015, is full of events which really give a unique opportunity to highlight these issues and challenges. The mobilization of the civil society in the perspective of the Expo 2015 also represents an important factor in order to answer to the central question given by the Expo: how to ensure a qualitative, sustainable, healthy and sufficient food to the whole humankind? Here is a small preview of the institutional events of the future months! Lucia e Juliette The semester of the presidency of the EU Council: an opportunity for Italy ...

I have read for you: “Feeding mankind” of Louis Malassis

Let’s inaugurate a new type of article, the ” I have read/watched for you “. Indeed, it’s been 4 months since our blog is online and almost nine months since Laura, Juliette and I had the idea to create it, and yet thanks to the people we were able to meet or simply the circumstances, we happened (and we will in the future) to read books or to see movies or reports on the food and agriculture which made an impression on us and what we would like to share with you in the prospect of the 2015 Universal Exposition. Today, let’s start with “Feeding manking” written by the engineer and French professor, Louis Malassis. Have a nice reading and don’t hesitate to comment! Lucia To sum up Only with 128 pages (which can be read really quickly and easily), the author managed to summarize and explain the complex history of how mankind faced ...

Quiz in honor of world cup: 10 questions to test your knowledge on food and agriculture in Brazil

Brazil expo 2015 quiz
We couldn’t not make something for the World cup 2014 since Laura, Juliette and I are such big fans of football (for those who know us, note the irony of the second part of this sentence… Indeed, the 2014 World cup represents also an opportunity to know better Brazil and in the context of our blog, to concentrate on agricultural and food issues. Good luck for the quiz and may the best win! Lucia Share and Enjoy

Interview of the Triulza Foundation or how the civil society will get mobilised for Expo 2015

Interview Sergio Silvotti - Civil society pavillon Expo 2015
It’s during the Milan Furniture Fair one month ago that I had the chance to meet Sergio Silvotti, the president of the Triulza Foundation, which is in charge of the management of the civil society pavilion during Expo 2015. Indeed the foundation was organizing a conference on the theme “Can design be social”, and Sergio nicely accepted to be interviewed on the 8th of May. As an introduction to this interview I would like to recall how innovative the Expo 2015 is, since it’s the first time in the Universal Expositions history that there will be a pavilion entirely dedicated to civil society. And Sergio Silvotti allowed me to understand better how it happened and how they are organizing one year before the Expo, with spontaneity, transparence and optimism. Have a nice reading! Juliette What are the origins, principles and main objectives of the Triulza foundation? The Triulza foundation creation ...