Rome and the Lazio at the 2015 Expo

Even though Milan, the financial capital, will be the hosting city of the Expo 2015, Rome, the institutional capital, will be an active participant of this event. According to his mayor, Marino, indeed, Rome will be the “natural entrance for hundreds of delegations coming from different parts of the world” and therefore his active participation “ is a responsibility even before being an opportunity”[1].

I had the chance to assist to an event, which took place in FAO Headquarter last Friday 14th March, chaired by the institutional representatives of Rome and the Lazio Region, Marino and Zingaretti, together with Eduardo Rojas Briales, Vice Director General of FAO and General Commissary of the UN for Expo 2015, and the President of Expo 2015 S.p.A. and General Commissary for the Pavillion Italy, Diana Bracco. During this event, the participation of Rome to the Expo has been presented in detail.

Rome: a big team for the Expo

“Rome will be present at the Expo as a big team” has claimed Nicola Zingaretti, meaning the participation of Rome as region, municipality, trade associations, universities, etc., in order to present a common plan of territory promotion and a consistent and shared development project.Roma_verde_Expo2015[1]

For this reason the roman institutions have committed themselves to the promotion of the sustainability, and the value of cultural and touristic resources of the territory of the Lazio region, to the strengthening of the international dimension, to the sustain of the creation of innovative start up, through practical actions.

Rome and the Lazio will be present together in the same permanent exhibition space called “Pavillion Italy”, where every region, in rotation, will present the best of themselves, with the aim of stimulate the interest, fascinate the visitor and develop the curiosity to go to the territory.

The Expo theme will be developed through 8 thematic paths which exalt the identity and values of the Italian territory. Every itinerary will have 5 different areas of interest: culture, innovation, start up, food and territory.

Rome wants to take this big opportunity of the Expo, to reaffirm and strengthen the inner value of Italian culture, in a way that they can be deep-rooted in the territory even after the Expo.

A very rich cultural program before and during the Expo also in Rome.

A very rich offer of thematic tours for the visitors coming to the region will considerably increase the touristic flows. Wine and food itineraries and routes across the whole region have been organized and they will underline the quality of the products made in Italy. There will be also shows on food habits of the ancient romans, street art and street food, the white night of the tastes and much more.Piatti_degli_antichi_romani_-_Expo2015[1]

This will also stimulate the creation of an international community linked to the agribusiness dimension, in order to promote the quality and uniqueness of the Italian products in the world.

Reassessment of the territory towards a greater sustainability

Rome is the biggest rural municipality in Europe with 45.6 million square meters of urban green, and all the territories of a region which has 638.602 hectares of agricultural cultivation, 47.045 hectares of organic agriculture, 221.000 hectares of protected natural areas, 384 traditional agricultural products and 10 routes dedicated to the quality and uniqueness of the products tipical of the Lazio region.

“Rome, together with the Lazio, wants to be a witness of the food and agricultural sustainability” has said Marino, who has announced a new project of requalification of the uncultivated lands. There will be no cement manufacturers anymore, but many plots of land will be granted to young farmers, through an announcement of public land assignment, or they will be dedicated to urban gardens, which will contribute to the creation of new jobs.

Expo 2015, a unique opportunity to strengthen the Italian identity

Rome and the Lazio, as many other places in Italy, possess a great historical, artistic, cultural and food heritage. The expo becomes an opportunity to be open to the world and an extraordinary occasion to value the strong points of Italy, and to strengthen the common identity of the territory.

Rome and the Lazio have already understood the great opportunity of this exhibition.

As stated by the President of the Expo 2015 S.p.A. and General Commissary of the “Pavillion Italy”, Diana Bracco, “Rome and the Lazio are very much ahead in the preparation of the Expo 2015, which represents an extraordinary occasion to relaunch the country. Rome is a very important partner for the Expo because it represents the trait d’union between the centre-south and the north of Italy”[1].

roma_expo2015_villa_pamphili[1]As we can understand, many have already started to get prepared and there are a lot of expectations for this event able to positively change the relationship we have with the territory, through a rediscovery of a true and deep link with our culture and a greater attention to more sustainable consumption and production models.

We just have to take advantage of this series of events and initiatives which will soon take place in the territory!


[1] Marino, mayor of Rome, during the event “Roma e il Lazio all’Expo 2015”, 14th  March 2014, FAO.

[2] Diana Bracco, President of the Expo 2015 S.p.A. General Commissary for the Pavillion Italy, “Roma e il Lazio all’Expo 2015”, 14 March 2014, FAO.

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