Quiz: 10 questions to test your knowledge on food and agriculture in the European Union

UE Food agriculture Expo2015
Elections to the European Parliament will take place Saturday 25th of May 2014. It’s an opportunity to test your knowledge of key figures in terms of food and agriculture in the European Union, one year before the Universal Exposition 2015 which theme is Feed the planet: energy for life. By the way, did you know that European Union will have its own pavilion to the Expo, you will also find one question about this. Share and Enjoy

Here come the rooftop vegetable gardens in Paris!

Topager Expo2015
Interview of Frederic, from the French company Topager It’s in the middle of a worksite and under the rain that I met Frederic in the new vegetable garden of a luxurious hotel near the Eiffel Tower the 25th April of 2014. This vegetable garden has been grown up by the company he created one year ago with a friend, Nicolas Bel, Topager.  Under my umbrella, there was also my friend Céline met by chance the same morning at the  « La faim des terres » conference. We were lucky to also meet Lucie, Frederic’s college who is educational project manager. For our first encounter, we interrupted Frederic and Lucie at the heart of the action: they were receiving enormous farmland sack (composed of green wastes produced locally), ingredient at the basis of their little cuisine: the realization of vegetable garden on the roofs. This interview allowed us to better understand the meaning ...

Bread, wine and earth at the heart of Mediterranean antique civilizations

Pane Vino Expo2015
I made the most of my Easter long weekend in Bologna –called « la grassa » (the fat) in Italy – the city being well known for its generous food. Indeed I participated to the guided tour organized by the bolonian archeological museum on the theme: « Demeter and Dionysus, or bread and wine. The symbolic meaning of food in the antique world». In a general way, it seems that the bond between earth and nature are at the heart of Mediterranean antique cultures. Religions and cults reinforce the sacred dimension of the “earth fruits” considered as gifts of gods. Bread and wine are central during celebrations but also moments of transition – as entering in adult life or death. With the guide Giulia, we travelled thru time and space between Egyptian civilization at the time of pharaohs and Greek civilization. This visit gave me an up-and-coming  foretaste of the many stories and ...

Degrowth theory and food issues: towards a “frugal abondance”?

Alimentazione abbondanza frugale Expo2015
What are the connections between food issues and degrowth theory? I had the answer attending to a conference with Serge Latouche, a famous French economist and thinker partisan of the degrowth theory in Milano the 17 of March.  The conference was held within the framework of a course of lectures organized by the foundation of the Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra entitled “Banquet table: between food and knowledge”. Introducing the conference, Serge Latouche first recalled the audience the definition of eating quoting Carlo Petrini, the founder of the Slow Food movement “Eating is a total discipline that regards agriculture, economy, culinary arts and ecology”. Indeed society issues have direct impacts on eating ones. Criticism of the negative impact of growth and its excesses Serge Latouche quickly presented the general framework of its thinking: he denounced the “society of growth” that little by little let itself be absorbed by the objective ...

Milan, one year before 2015 Expo

Milan 1 anno prima dell'Expo2015
At Milan, there is already a certain taste of Universal exposition! J Before coming back to Rome, I’ve spent 4 days in Milan at the end of March. I had not come to this city since nearly 6 years and last time, I didn’t speak Italian! I was welcomed and hosted by Juliette, and we tried during those days to meet the main 2015 Expo stakeholders and to immerse ourselves in the city. It was a really intense and beautiful program! I agree with Giuliano Pisapia, the Milan mayor who affirmed during a conference at the beginning of March that “Anyone coming to Milan will discover a city already changed”, and certainly a city that already has a certain taste of Universal Exposition. The whole town in buzzing, Expo themes are in the spotlights, but there are still many challenges to take up: transportation, building works, opposition movements… However, as optimist ...

Sustainable brunch:loving food, localness, seasonality, patience and courage on the menu

brunch me up
Interview of Matthias Behar, CEO of Brunch me up  Matthias is a 25 years old young man who is working since one year on the creation of a brunch home delivery company in the city of Aix en Provence, France. He intends his company to respect the principles of sustainable development. But concretely how to reconcile pleasure of a nice brunch and sustainability? Well this interview may help us figure it out. How did you have the idea of creating a brunch home delivery company? It was a Sunday morning in Lille, it was cold and my fridge was empty. We wanted to go for a brunch, but it was impossible to book anywhere. Everything was full and I realized there could a place for this type of activity. What are the main obstacles to create your company? First, the regulations in force, in particular hygiene and safety standards. Then, ...