(Français) Tastevere-km0 : du champ à l’assiette, la bonne humeur et la pédagogie en plus ! Interview de Giuseppe, co-propriétaire

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Food diplomacy and sustainability

Diplomazia alimentare Expo2015
Last Thursday 25th September I went to an interesting workshop: “Expo2015 and Food diplomacy”, in a wonderful roman villa close to via Veneto: villa Maraini, which hosts the Swiss Institute in Rome. It’s been a whole week rich in events in the field of the initiative “Giro del Gusto”, characterized by conferences, round tables, tasting dinner of the typical swiss food, which aimed at promoting the participation of Switzerland at the Expo 2015. Lucia also participated to some events at the Villa, in particolar a conference on “Collective management of the territory and food security: past experiences and future perspectives” (we will speak more about this theme in the near future). After the conference Lucia had the chance to spend a delightful evening listening to music in  company of the Swill Pavillion team. She described me how you could already perceive, during that event, a bit of taste of Universal ...

Food and body:les liaisons dangereuses

cibo e corpo
Eating disorders: reflection of an inner angst? I was lucky to go to the conference on “body and food” in Milan the 24th of February 2014  that was held within the framework of a course of lectures organized by the foundation of the Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra entitled “Banquet table: between food and knowledge”. Michela Marzano – Philosophy professor at the Paris V René Descartes University – was invited to speak about her research and her personal experiences. This conference remembered how food issues that will be at the heart of 2015 Universal Exposition are not only quantitative but also qualitative. Our relation to nutrition has an important social and psychological dimension that often reflects the angst of individuals and societies. A growing phenomenon Michela Marzano presented her paradigm to study the link between nutrition and body thru the prism of eating disorders, more particularly anorexia and bulimia. Those ...

Sustainable brunch:loving food, localness, seasonality, patience and courage on the menu

brunch me up
Interview of Matthias Behar, CEO of Brunch me up  Matthias is a 25 years old young man who is working since one year on the creation of a brunch home delivery company in the city of Aix en Provence, France. He intends his company to respect the principles of sustainable development. But concretely how to reconcile pleasure of a nice brunch and sustainability? Well this interview may help us figure it out. How did you have the idea of creating a brunch home delivery company? It was a Sunday morning in Lille, it was cold and my fridge was empty. We wanted to go for a brunch, but it was impossible to book anywhere. Everything was full and I realized there could a place for this type of activity. What are the main obstacles to create your company? First, the regulations in force, in particular hygiene and safety standards. Then, ...