(Français) Le supermarché du futur : back to basics !

supermarché du futur back to basics
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(Français) Consommer durable dans son quartier – c’est possible ! Les bonnes adresses à Vincennes – Fontenay

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(Français) Rétrospective Salon de l’agriculture 2006-2016 : montée en puissance des enjeux de durabilité, crise agricole, innovation et politique

salon agriculture 2006 2016
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What does sustainable food consumption mean and how to promote it? Interview with Stefanos Fotiou, Head of the UNEP “Cities and Lifestyles” Unit

Consommer durable Alimentazione sostenibile definizione
What does sustainable lifestyle and sustainable consumption mean? What is the practical definition when speaking about food consumption (does it mean eat organic, local, seasonal, be a vegetarian?) and how to promote more sustainable consumption habits? During my visit to Paris in September, I met Stefanos Fotiou who is working at the United Nations Environment Programme and is an expert on these issues (1). He was great to talk to and gave lots of insight How to promote “sustainable lifestyles”? UNEP’s work on sustainable consumption issues is relatively new and it has increased in the last 10 years. The focus of the organization was originally more on production issues and how to reduce the environmental impacts of sectors: chemical, tourism etc. It is very difficult to work on the consumption side. Leveraging sustainable consumption patterns is most likely to work through policy, with 3 main types of action: Change the ...

Expo 2015: feed the planet, energy for life? Our opinion on Expo area

opinion parere view EXPO2015
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5 best movies on food and sustainability #Expo2015 #FestivalDeCannes 1

film expo2015 festival de cannes alimentation durable alimentazione sostenibile sustainable food
Special article for the festival of Cannes: Our selections of five movies which make people think about the issue of nutrition and agriculture sustainability, which are at the same time funny and exciting. I’m sorry for the “French” selection, but if you have more ideas, don’t hesitate to comment! The cinema, mirror of our societies, our humor, our fears, our vision of the future, is a very pleasant way to think about what’s in our dishes and in our fields! Lucia 1. The Grande Bouffe / Blow-Out Italian-French movie of 1973, with Marcello Mastroianni, Philippe Noiret e Michel Piccoli. The story is simple, but particularly shocking: four middle aged men meet in a villa in France for a “gastronomic seminar”. In the end it turns to be a meeting with death, where four people, tired of their lives, gorge themselves till death. When it was released, the movie caused scandal,  booed ...

Iceland: a good example of sustainable cultivation thanks to the natural resources 2

Islande agriculture géothermie
One month ago, I did an interesting tour to Iceland. It has been a long time since I wanted to visit this isolated Island, close to the North Pole. That’s why I decided to organize the tour. Iceland is a really fascinating country, characterized by a savage nature and lonely places of great beauty, still uncontaminated. In this island, which lies 40 km away from the artic circle, the harsh and sometimes inhospitable land make the possibility to cultivate vegetables and fruits very difficult. Island, indeed, is a very cold country, where there is no daylight  for many months in a year. As a result, plants do not grow easily in such a place. Nevertheless, the presence of geothermical areas, widely spread all over the icelandic territory, makes the temperature of the land not so cold. Icelandic people are hard workers and they were able to take advantage from the ...

Sustainable brunch:loving food, localness, seasonality, patience and courage on the menu

brunch me up
Interview of Matthias Behar, CEO of Brunch me up  Matthias is a 25 years old young man who is working since one year on the creation of a brunch home delivery company in the city of Aix en Provence, France. He intends his company to respect the principles of sustainable development. But concretely how to reconcile pleasure of a nice brunch and sustainability? Well this interview may help us figure it out. How did you have the idea of creating a brunch home delivery company? It was a Sunday morning in Lille, it was cold and my fridge was empty. We wanted to go for a brunch, but it was impossible to book anywhere. Everything was full and I realized there could a place for this type of activity. What are the main obstacles to create your company? First, the regulations in force, in particular hygiene and safety standards. Then, ...

2015 Expo news of the week

Flash Actu 2
From Friday 21st to Friday 28th of February Have a nice reading and then a nice weekend!  Lucia Quotation of the week: “2015 Expo don’t want to be about showing off taking time and energy building architectural monuments: we want this event to leave a lasting and ethic legacy, which is according to us a priority, with new scenarios to tackle nutrition issues of the next millennium”, Giuseppe Sala, 2015 Expo commissioner for Italian government, 27th of February on the occasion of the Vatican signing of participation protocol.[1] # Italy The new Prime minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi said that « 2015 Expo in Milan should be a driving force for Italy » and that « what will happen next year will surely represent a moment of reference for the future » on the occasion of a speech to the Senate the 24th of February[2]. The new Italian minister of agriculture, Maurizio Martina opening ...

2015 Universal Expo: let’s mobilize for a more sustainable nutrition and agriculture

Lu - Banner simple
2015 Universal Exposition: a great opportunity to inform, raise awareness and mobilize on sustainable agriculture and food consumption issues The 2015 Universal Exposition will take place in Milan, Italy with a main theme of « Feeding the planet: energy for life”. To date, 141 countries have confirmed their participation to the Expo, which will take place for six months from the 1st of May to the 31st of October. Sustainable food consumption, agriculture and productive systems will be the main focuses of this event, meant to bring together citizens, nations and international and civil society organizations. To better picture the nature and magnitude of the event, Italy foresees over 20 million visitors. The 2015 Expo therefore constitutes a remarkable opportunity to inform, raise awareness, and mobilize widespread public participation and consciousness on sustainable food consumption and agriculture. This is particularly noteworthy because 2015 will be a key year for our ...