One month before the Expo 2015: 10 questions to check if you are ready!

ready pronti prets Expo2015
Here we are, the Expo 2015 will start in one month ! Are you ready, do you know what it will be about, who will participate, what are the issues related to sustainable development? To discover it do the quizz ! Share and Enjoy

Towards the Expo 2015: the challenges of nutrition and agriculture sustainability at the forefront of international diplomacy?

Agenda verso Expo 2015
We have created this blog in a voluntary basis because we, Lucia, Laura and Juliette, expect that the Expo, which will take place in Milan next year, from May to October (147 participating countries, more than 20 million visitors expected), will constitute an opportunity to emphasize the theme of food and agriculture sustainability[1]. The next monts agenda, before the Expo 2015, is full of events which really give a unique opportunity to highlight these issues and challenges. The mobilization of the civil society in the perspective of the Expo 2015 also represents an important factor in order to answer to the central question given by the Expo: how to ensure a qualitative, sustainable, healthy and sufficient food to the whole humankind? Here is a small preview of the institutional events of the future months! Lucia e Juliette The semester of the presidency of the EU Council: an opportunity for Italy ...