Expo 2015: feed the planet, energy for life? Our opinion on Expo area

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The Civil Society: main player at Expo Milan 2015

Société civile Società civile Civil Society Expo2015
Thanks to an interesting conference over the participation of Cascina Triulza, which is the organization which will host the Civil Society Pavillion at the Expo 2015, I had the opportunity to get to known deeper the Triulza Foundation and the role of civil society at the Expo. The conference took place on Tuesday 29th of April at the Senate in Rome. (You will learn more about Cascina Triulza thanks to one of the next interviews by Juliette….). I had also the opportunity to enter the famous Palazzo Madama, the historical roman building hosting the Senate of the Italian Republic, in a hall fully decorated of wonderful frescos. Among the speakers, there were important representatives of the Italian Governments, such as the Minister of Agriclture, Nutrition and Forestry, Maurizio Martina, the Director the Institutional Affairs at Expo 2015 S.p.A., Roberto Arditti, and of course the President of the Triulza Foundation, Sergio Silvotti and ...

Bread, wine and earth at the heart of Mediterranean antique civilizations

Pane Vino Expo2015
I made the most of my Easter long weekend in Bologna –called « la grassa » (the fat) in Italy – the city being well known for its generous food. Indeed I participated to the guided tour organized by the bolonian archeological museum on the theme: « Demeter and Dionysus, or bread and wine. The symbolic meaning of food in the antique world». In a general way, it seems that the bond between earth and nature are at the heart of Mediterranean antique cultures. Religions and cults reinforce the sacred dimension of the “earth fruits” considered as gifts of gods. Bread and wine are central during celebrations but also moments of transition – as entering in adult life or death. With the guide Giulia, we travelled thru time and space between Egyptian civilization at the time of pharaohs and Greek civilization. This visit gave me an up-and-coming  foretaste of the many stories and ...

Milan, one year before 2015 Expo

Milan 1 anno prima dell'Expo2015
At Milan, there is already a certain taste of Universal exposition! J Before coming back to Rome, I’ve spent 4 days in Milan at the end of March. I had not come to this city since nearly 6 years and last time, I didn’t speak Italian! I was welcomed and hosted by Juliette, and we tried during those days to meet the main 2015 Expo stakeholders and to immerse ourselves in the city. It was a really intense and beautiful program! I agree with Giuliano Pisapia, the Milan mayor who affirmed during a conference at the beginning of March that “Anyone coming to Milan will discover a city already changed”, and certainly a city that already has a certain taste of Universal Exposition. The whole town in buzzing, Expo themes are in the spotlights, but there are still many challenges to take up: transportation, building works, opposition movements… However, as optimist ...

Rome and the Lazio at the 2015 Expo

Even though Milan, the financial capital, will be the hosting city of the Expo 2015, Rome, the institutional capital, will be an active participant of this event. According to his mayor, Marino, indeed, Rome will be the “natural entrance for hundreds of delegations coming from different parts of the world” and therefore his active participation “ is a responsibility even before being an opportunity”[1]. I had the chance to assist to an event, which took place in FAO Headquarter last Friday 14th March, chaired by the institutional representatives of Rome and the Lazio Region, Marino and Zingaretti, together with Eduardo Rojas Briales, Vice Director General of FAO and General Commissary of the UN for Expo 2015, and the President of Expo 2015 S.p.A. and General Commissary for the Pavillion Italy, Diana Bracco. During this event, the participation of Rome to the Expo has been presented in detail. Rome: a big ...

2015 Milan Universal Exposition: let’s be part of History!

Storia Expo2015
Feed the planet energy for life: “2015 Expo  is not a fair. To fascinate the entire world, we should guarantee a great history” Those words pronounced the 10th of March 2014 by the General Commissioner for 2015 Milano Expo, Giuseppe de Sala, represent perfectly the dimension of the challenge: make of 2015 Expo a key step for History. And it will not be possible without an active participation of the civil society, US, YOU. In particular from Milano citizens and Italians, who are already starting to implement actions, but more broadly every citizen in its own country. The “Big Challenge”: to leave a lasting legacy In the past, the most famous marks left by international expositions have been architectural (Eiffel Tower, Atomium, Space Needle…). Instead, Italy has set a goal of leaving a lasting legacy in 2015, to ensure that this Expo represent a key step in progressing towards “Feeding ...