(Français) Tastevere-km0 : du champ à l’assiette, la bonne humeur et la pédagogie en plus ! Interview de Giuseppe, co-propriétaire

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Reportage in Switzerland: let’s go to a food blogger tour pre-Expo 2015!

Suisse Expo2015
I was lucky to participate to a « Food blogger tour » in Switzerland the weekend of the 21-22 and 23 of February. It was organized by Présence Suisse – the organism in charge of the coordination of the Swiss Pavilion for the 2015 Universal Exposition – this train-road trip had the objective of promoting the Swiss territory and gastronomy towards Italian social networks. And for my first time in this country, I was in company of 9 talented and nice Italian “food blogger” (managing a blog in relation with cooking, gastronomy…you can find the list of their blog at the end of article). We went to the discovery of Switzerland, its cooking and its links with agriculture: at the menu no fondue or raclette, but many meetings with chef, explanations on the origins and type of production of our food, presentation of local agriculture, tourism, tasting… we received really a whole-hearted ...

Good reasons and tips to start your own vegetable garden!

herb garden
A growing phenomenon: why not you? Have you ever thought about how great it would be to pick up fruit and vegetables directly from your own garden, or even from your balcony, without the need to go to the supermarket? Having your own domestic garden is priceless and the current trend in Italy and in the rest of the world, shows this. According to the Italian Farmers’ Confederation (CIA), a growing number of Italians cultivate vegetables (such as tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce), herbs and spices on their balcony; in particular last year the percentage has increased of 9%, from 4.5 million to 4.9, so 8% of the Italian population. This practice allows to save more than 10% over the monthly grocery shopping and it guarantees the origin of the products[1]. Creating a domestic garden is not only a great advantage, but also a way to get easily the most common products, without ...

Sustainable brunch:loving food, localness, seasonality, patience and courage on the menu

brunch me up
Interview of Matthias Behar, CEO of Brunch me up  Matthias is a 25 years old young man who is working since one year on the creation of a brunch home delivery company in the city of Aix en Provence, France. He intends his company to respect the principles of sustainable development. But concretely how to reconcile pleasure of a nice brunch and sustainability? Well this interview may help us figure it out. How did you have the idea of creating a brunch home delivery company? It was a Sunday morning in Lille, it was cold and my fridge was empty. We wanted to go for a brunch, but it was impossible to book anywhere. Everything was full and I realized there could a place for this type of activity. What are the main obstacles to create your company? First, the regulations in force, in particular hygiene and safety standards. Then, ...