(Français) Expo universelle 2015 : nos pavillons préférés pour leurs contenus

Expo 2015 contenu contenuto padiglioni preferiti pavillons préférés
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Expo 2015: practical advices

Expo2015 informazioni pratiche informations pratiques practical advices
Expo 2015: What is the best time to go? How to get there? How much does it cost? What to do during the Expo, how to organize? What to do away from the Expo? Discover our advices! Lucia What is the best time to go? Contextual information: Universal Exposition in Milan will last six month from the 1st of May to the 31st of October. The Expo area covers around 1 million square meters (100 acres), 145 countries will be presented of which 50 countries will be present with a self-built pavilion (the others will be grouped in clusters). There will also be themed areas to explore: one on biodiversity, one for children … etc. (See our page Expo 2015). More than two million visitors are expected, including 8 million foreign visitors. The site can accommodate up to 250,000 visitors a day. Which month? Ideally, to make the most of it, I would advise to ...

One month before the Expo 2015: 10 questions to check if you are ready!

ready pronti prets Expo2015
Here we are, the Expo 2015 will start in one month ! Are you ready, do you know what it will be about, who will participate, what are the issues related to sustainable development? To discover it do the quizz ! Share and Enjoy

Interview of the Triulza Foundation or how the civil society will get mobilised for Expo 2015

Interview Sergio Silvotti - Civil society pavillon Expo 2015
It’s during the Milan Furniture Fair one month ago that I had the chance to meet Sergio Silvotti, the president of the Triulza Foundation, which is in charge of the management of the civil society pavilion during Expo 2015. Indeed the foundation was organizing a conference on the theme “Can design be social”, and Sergio nicely accepted to be interviewed on the 8th of May. As an introduction to this interview I would like to recall how innovative the Expo 2015 is, since it’s the first time in the Universal Expositions history that there will be a pavilion entirely dedicated to civil society. And Sergio Silvotti allowed me to understand better how it happened and how they are organizing one year before the Expo, with spontaneity, transparence and optimism. Have a nice reading! Juliette What are the origins, principles and main objectives of the Triulza foundation? The Triulza foundation creation ...

Rome and the Lazio at the 2015 Expo

Even though Milan, the financial capital, will be the hosting city of the Expo 2015, Rome, the institutional capital, will be an active participant of this event. According to his mayor, Marino, indeed, Rome will be the “natural entrance for hundreds of delegations coming from different parts of the world” and therefore his active participation “ is a responsibility even before being an opportunity”[1]. I had the chance to assist to an event, which took place in FAO Headquarter last Friday 14th March, chaired by the institutional representatives of Rome and the Lazio Region, Marino and Zingaretti, together with Eduardo Rojas Briales, Vice Director General of FAO and General Commissary of the UN for Expo 2015, and the President of Expo 2015 S.p.A. and General Commissary for the Pavillion Italy, Diana Bracco. During this event, the participation of Rome to the Expo has been presented in detail. Rome: a big ...

2015 Expo news of the week

Flash Actu 2
From Friday 21st to Friday 28th of February Have a nice reading and then a nice weekend!  Lucia Quotation of the week: “2015 Expo don’t want to be about showing off taking time and energy building architectural monuments: we want this event to leave a lasting and ethic legacy, which is according to us a priority, with new scenarios to tackle nutrition issues of the next millennium”, Giuseppe Sala, 2015 Expo commissioner for Italian government, 27th of February on the occasion of the Vatican signing of participation protocol.[1] # Italy The new Prime minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi said that « 2015 Expo in Milan should be a driving force for Italy » and that « what will happen next year will surely represent a moment of reference for the future » on the occasion of a speech to the Senate the 24th of February[2]. The new Italian minister of agriculture, Maurizio Martina opening ...

2015 Expo news of the week

Point Actu 1 - Expo2015
From friday 14th to friday 21st of february This news section, which rate of publication will vary according to events, will follow 2015 Expo preparation focusing on sustainable development issues and on the themes of sustainable nutrition and agriculture. Have a nice reading and then a nice weekend!  Lucia Quotation of the week: “Expectations are growing day by day”, Vicente Gonzalez Loscertales, the secretary general of The International Exhibitions talking about 2015 Expo, Bureau in Bergamo, 20th of February # 2015 Expo preparation Clusters Participants Meeting in Bergamo, 19 and 20th of February: 72 countries, 295 delegates have talked about the clusters preparation level of progress. For the record, clusters are thematic spaces that will link countries between them on a common theme (ex: agriculture and nutrition in arid zone; coffee…). The “sustainable plus”: Expo2015 Company announced an objective of 84 % of differentiated waste collection[1]. # News from 2015 ...