(Français) Expo 2015 : quel bilan et quelles réponses au thème « Nourrir la planète : énergie pour la vie » ?

Expo2015 bilan bilancio
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Wishes for 2015: a year for the planet! #Expo2015 #Paris2015 #MDG

2015 Expo2015 COP21 OMD
Here we are in January 2015! Still one month to wait and our blog will turn one year old. I, Juliette and Laura are very happy to start this adventure, even though it’s not always easy, given that we do everything in a voluntary basis and we also have our own jobs to work on. This is why we have been absent in December. Nevertheless, the result is positive: interesting meetings, an increase of our knowledge regarding the topic of food and agricultural sustainability, and of course an increase in our willingness to learn. What do we wish for 2015? As regards to our blog, we wish to keep it going and to increase its audience! Don’t hesitate to share our link and to contact us if you have ideas of articles, contacts, or simply if you want to participate. And in general, we wish 2015 may be a year ...

World Expo 2015 newsflash

Flash news World Expo 2015
From July to August 2014 Did you have a good holiday? Sustainable, greedy, and sunny? Did you come back completely rested? To get a good start in September, here is a little update on the last two months regarding the universal exposition 2015, but also on the big events to come about sustainable food and agriculture. But first of all, just remind that if you need information about expo (where, when, what, who?) you can have a look on our dedicated page, the same applies if you need info on the link between Universal Exposition and Sustainable development challenges. Welcome back ! Lucia, Laura and Juliette Ps:  Private message to Federica from Geneva: we had a technical problem during the summer with our contact form. It is great if you want to participate, contact us again, the problem has been fixed!   Quote of the summer: “Hunger leads to conflict and ...

Interview of the Triulza Foundation or how the civil society will get mobilised for Expo 2015

Interview Sergio Silvotti - Civil society pavillon Expo 2015
It’s during the Milan Furniture Fair one month ago that I had the chance to meet Sergio Silvotti, the president of the Triulza Foundation, which is in charge of the management of the civil society pavilion during Expo 2015. Indeed the foundation was organizing a conference on the theme “Can design be social”, and Sergio nicely accepted to be interviewed on the 8th of May. As an introduction to this interview I would like to recall how innovative the Expo 2015 is, since it’s the first time in the Universal Expositions history that there will be a pavilion entirely dedicated to civil society. And Sergio Silvotti allowed me to understand better how it happened and how they are organizing one year before the Expo, with spontaneity, transparence and optimism. Have a nice reading! Juliette What are the origins, principles and main objectives of the Triulza foundation? The Triulza foundation creation ...

The Civil Society: main player at Expo Milan 2015

Société civile Società civile Civil Society Expo2015
Thanks to an interesting conference over the participation of Cascina Triulza, which is the organization which will host the Civil Society Pavillion at the Expo 2015, I had the opportunity to get to known deeper the Triulza Foundation and the role of civil society at the Expo. The conference took place on Tuesday 29th of April at the Senate in Rome. (You will learn more about Cascina Triulza thanks to one of the next interviews by Juliette….). I had also the opportunity to enter the famous Palazzo Madama, the historical roman building hosting the Senate of the Italian Republic, in a hall fully decorated of wonderful frescos. Among the speakers, there were important representatives of the Italian Governments, such as the Minister of Agriclture, Nutrition and Forestry, Maurizio Martina, the Director the Institutional Affairs at Expo 2015 S.p.A., Roberto Arditti, and of course the President of the Triulza Foundation, Sergio Silvotti and ...

2015 Milan Universal Exposition: let’s be part of History!

Storia Expo2015
Feed the planet energy for life: “2015 Expo  is not a fair. To fascinate the entire world, we should guarantee a great history” Those words pronounced the 10th of March 2014 by the General Commissioner for 2015 Milano Expo, Giuseppe de Sala, represent perfectly the dimension of the challenge: make of 2015 Expo a key step for History. And it will not be possible without an active participation of the civil society, US, YOU. In particular from Milano citizens and Italians, who are already starting to implement actions, but more broadly every citizen in its own country. The “Big Challenge”: to leave a lasting legacy In the past, the most famous marks left by international expositions have been architectural (Eiffel Tower, Atomium, Space Needle…). Instead, Italy has set a goal of leaving a lasting legacy in 2015, to ensure that this Expo represent a key step in progressing towards “Feeding ...

2015 Expo news of the week

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From Friday 21st to Friday 28th of February Have a nice reading and then a nice weekend!  Lucia Quotation of the week: “2015 Expo don’t want to be about showing off taking time and energy building architectural monuments: we want this event to leave a lasting and ethic legacy, which is according to us a priority, with new scenarios to tackle nutrition issues of the next millennium”, Giuseppe Sala, 2015 Expo commissioner for Italian government, 27th of February on the occasion of the Vatican signing of participation protocol.[1] # Italy The new Prime minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi said that « 2015 Expo in Milan should be a driving force for Italy » and that « what will happen next year will surely represent a moment of reference for the future » on the occasion of a speech to the Senate the 24th of February[2]. The new Italian minister of agriculture, Maurizio Martina opening ...